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Home Renovation Services in Atlanta GA

Home Renovation Services

This is the right place to be, Danley Development Group. If you want to improve your home with the best Home Renovation In Atlanta GA, we are your #1 solution. We have a team of trustworthy professionals who aim to make your dream a reality.

Comprehensive Renovation Solutions

Whether you are considering a simple or complex remodeling project, we provide all-around renovation services to meet your needs. Our Home Renovation In Atlanta GA includes:

Kitchen Remodeling:

Redesign your kitchen with innovative concepts and space efficiency using our professional design and remodeling.

Bathroom Renovation:

Build a luxury environment from the fixtures to the designs on the walls, floor, and other rooms.

Basement Finishing:

Make your house better by improving conditions in the basement, which can be transformed into a living room, office, or game room.

Whole-Home Renovations:

Get a new look for your house using our all-in-one approach for Home Renovation In Atlanta GA.

Advantages of Home Renovation in Atlanta

Increase Property Value

Any remodeling job should be properly performed to the highest standards. Then, you can easily add enough value to your home’s price. Whether you want to sell your home sometime in the future or just want to live in a better-valued home, home improvement is a wise move.

Improved Functionality

Home Renovation Atlanta aims to improve the practicality of the home and make routine life experiences more comfortable. From the perfect placement of the storage space to the possible redesigning of the layouts, we aim to make working spaces.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Improve the look of your Home with our professional design services. We are up to date with the current trends and styles to make your home look beautiful and up to date.

Energy Efficiency

Home Renovation Atlanta is usually incorporated in modern renovations for efficiency in power usage, hence cutting down on costs and preserving the environment. We guide you in making your home more environmentally friendly, from better insulation to efficient appliances.

Our Process of Home Renovation Atlanta


The process begins with an initial consultation to discover your expectations, prerequisites, and finances. This helps us devise a suitable plan for your renovation solutions

Design and Planning

Our design team collaborates extensively with you to create precise blueprints. It also works on 3D visualizations that show how the project will look before it is built.


Experienced craftsmen help turn the work into art; attention to detail and work quality are very important on the construction site.

Completion and Follow-Up

The final inspection occurs once the work is done to guarantee the client’s satisfaction. We want you to be satisfied with our service, so we will offer a follow-up service if necessary.

Innovative Home Design – Does It Save or Cost You More?

Factors Influencing Renovation Costs

Several factors determine the costs of a home renovation, including the general extent of the renovations, the type of materials employed, and the intricacy of the redesign project. Labor expenses are also an influential factor, especially in areas such as electricians or plumbers and designed cabinets.

Budgeting for Your Renovation

Establishing a real-life budget is essential to completing a renovation project. Begin by defining the work’s goals and objectives and allocating the main concerns. It is good practice, therefore, to set aside an extra 10-20% for contingency funds and events that may have yet to be factored into the budget.

Cost-Saving Tips

Even Home Renovation Atlanta could be quite expensive, some measures can be taken to cut costs. Aiming at rooms with a high RIO is recommended, and the best candidates for this approach are the kitchen and bathroom. Furthermore, opting for average-quality materials and finishes will enable people to stipulate quality while working on their budget. Last but not least, the time you plan and schedule your renovation is also a factor that may dictate cost via labor and material costs depending on the period in which construction takes place – peak or off-peak season.